The Ghost of Girolamo Riario  

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 This historical novel is born from a real fact happened between 2010 and 2011, when some people told
in the chronicles of the local newspapers, they saw a ghost in the old town hall of Forlì,
who would go around with his head crushed.
They also reported the strangeness of seeing him as if he were dancing suspended in nothingness,
out on the main facade of the building.
But who was that ghost?
What was he doing there?
Who had so reduced?

According to the author, that person was Girolamo Riario, Caterina Sforza's first husband and nephew of Pope SixtusIV,
who was assassinated in that palace for an old settlement with Lorenzo the Magnificent (Lorenzo De Medici)

The book is a long dialogue from a ghostbuster and a mysterious witness who when know of that ghost,
just gone to the palace not only to view it, but also for questioning it.
This witness says to be a descendant of some conspirators who murdered Riario in the renaissance,
and leads the ghostbuster step by step to discover what really happened at this Ghost five centuries before,
in a crescendo of facts and background information never revealed before.

This guy start reveals, where was exactly the real room of the Nymphs (the room name where was murdered Riario),
which was destroyed shortly after by Caterina Sforza and how this can be yet still found by anyone who wishes to.
In addition, also reveals for the first time because Caterina Sforza Riario's wife, was falsely accused for centuries
to have shown his sex from the ramparts of the fortress of Forli to his enemies who asked him to surrender
and how real things goes.
Of course, it also reveals the why the ghost was seen "dancing suspended in nothingness outside the building."
Set between the Romagna and Tuscany Renaissance this book is a missing piece of history brought to light after centuries of darkness,
and it is in this slant that should be seen.

Here is brief list of some things that you will discover in this book:

It was written a book in verse announcing the death of Riario?
Who wrote it? For whom?
It was the first time during the centuries, anyone saw that ghost?
The ghost had his head split? Why?
The ghost was seen dancing on the outer wall of the town hall? Why?
Who were the instigators of the killers Riario?
What had done Riario to having be murdered?
It was created a company of assassins with the aim of assassinating him? By whom was created?
Lorenzo the Magnificent and his brother murdered ten years before in Florence, had something to do with this story?
Where was the truly room "of the Nymphs" in which  Riario was assassinated?
That room was then made to disappear? By whom, and especially why it was destroyed?
You can trace after five centuries where was that room? In what way?
What did the killers Riario, after killing him?
Riario was then over thrown from a window of the Palace hall?
How long the spot where he fell was considered marked and cursed?
Why Caterina Sforza Riario's wife, was falsely accused for centuries to have shown his sex from the ramparts
of the fortress of Forli to his enemies who asked him to surrender? How real things occur?
And much more that you will discover and understand for yourself while reading.
So I wish you good reading and good rediscovery of this historical event completely forgotten,
and if after reading this book, someone should meet again the ghost, I'm sure you will understand much better
than before.

The author Ivo Ragazzini
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for any question

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